Knowledge Management and Transfer

Knowledge management  is the process of capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organisational knowledge. Its aims are to make best use of knowledge to allow its efficient use in strategising, planning, decision making, execution of tasks, reporting, monitoring and evaluation and broadcasting results to wider audiences.

Transfer of knowledge can also come in many forms including the training courses from bespoke to general delivery, field practice, mentoring, academic courses and thesis supervision at universities across the world.

theNRgroup members are skilled in knowledge management primarily through the field of Information Systems, particularly use of Remote Sensing, GIS and databases to organise, store, search and retrieve key knowledge, and in procedures and protocols, in particular for laboratory procedures and practices.

In Knowledge Transfer, almost all members have expertise in training, media preparation and dissemination techniques.

For both knowledge management and transfer of knowledge, members are skilled not only in their delivery, but in able to plan strategic frameworks, programmes and plans for integrated knowledge management within and across organisations

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