Climate, Environment and Conservation

The intricate balance between human’s, other fauna and flora and the globe’s systems are constantly being tested and modified.  While the earth’s population grapple with mitigating the effects of climate change and rewarding those who make valuable contributions to this, it also has to adapt to the changes in sea level rise, shifting weather patterns and consequences for plants, animals and their environments.

It is imperative we know what the breadth and depth of our biodiversity is, how it interacts with climate and human beings, and what we can do to conserve both species and their habitats.  At the same time, we have to appreciate the livelihoods and resilience of the populations who are custodians of such important biota and develop programmes which are a win-win for all.

theNRgroup members have long been advocates of holistic thinking behind maintaining the balance of the earth’s systems and continue to assist this drive in many areas:

  • Understanding of climate change, meteorology and allowing developing countries access to this knowledge
  • Adaptation to sea level rise, reactions to agriculture, forestry and fisheries to changing climate
  • Ensuring the world’s poor benefit from mitigation of climate change through carbon reduction programmes and REDD+ and Payment for Environmental Services.
  • Assessment of biodiversity, soil land cover, land use, habitats and complex ecological linkages
  • Analysis of human-environment symbiosis
  • Support to conservation of habitats and biodiversity, and linkages with revenue earning initiatives and ecotourism