PROJECTS Food, Resource and Water Security Projects

As world population continues to increase and consumer tastes modify, the pressure on the world’s resources is increasing.  Combinations of strategies to improve the outputs from agriculture, better use of other renewable resources such as forestry, fishery means we need better management of the land resource, its soil, and the limited freshwater reserves above and below ground.

Food security is availability and access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet the dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life

Resource Security is in optimising the balance between sustaining the biodiversity of the earth and its use as a resource for human sustainability to ensure its availability in perpetuity.

Water Security includes access to both safe drinking water and sanitation.

theNRgroup members work in a number of areas;

  • conducting applied and strategic research for new technological solutions for increasing yield, reducing wastage and minimizing risk from pests and diseases – see Research Programme Management
  • Measuring and mapping the amount of resource, how it is changing and how best to access and manage it
  • Develop work programmes, policies and strategies
  • Train people  in better processes, techniques and strategies to manage their food, water and other resource supplies; writing of papers and manuals – see also Knowledge Management and Transfer