Project Review Missions: Kenya EU Mid Term Evaluation of the Biodiversity Conservation Programme

Client: EU

Lead Evaluator:  Hugh Gibbon

Time:  XXXX

A team of six people were involved in sampling 13 projects from a current programme portfolio of 19. The team split into two sub groups in order to complete the assignment with team leadership and coordination being undertaken by a member of theNRgroup, Hugh Gibbon.

The evaluation mission looked at projects ranging from eco-tourism initiatives and solar fencing to prevent human/animal conflict, to projects where species had been translocation as well as where species were critically threatened or endangered. Nearly all these projects had a strong community participation element and project sites were dispersed representing a wide diversity of ecological settings from high rainfall natural forest areas to semi arid grassland ecosystems.

The Biodiversity Conservation Programme (BCP) is an innovative mechanism currently housed within the Community Development Trust Fund. This is an independent body guided by a Board of Trustees on which government, non government and donor representatives sit.