Project Review Missions: Mozambique ProDAM Mid Term Evaluation

Client:  CORD

Lead Consultant:  Hugh Gibbon

Time: 2002

Christian Outreach for Relief and Development (CORD) is a UK-based NGO that supports rural development initiatives in a number of African and Asian countries. In Mozambique CORD works in Mecanhelas district with the goal of achieving:

  • An improvement in agricultural production for farmers in both high and low potential areas of the district.

The programme is called ProDAM which is an abbreviation for: “Project for the Development of Agricultural in Mecanhelas.”

One of the main ways the programme is attempting to reach this goal is through the setting up of producer and marketing associations in consultation with a number of locally based organisations. These include; AMIREMO (an organisation that is supporting farmer groups to form and register producer associations), AMM (an organisation that works with ProDAM to provide technical and community mobilisation support), UCASN (a network of producer associations that provides credit to producer groups) and the DDAP (Department of Agriculture).

A member of theNRgroup, Hugh Gibbon, was resposible as team leader for carrying out a mid term evaluation of the programme on behalf of CORD. This report was been submitted to the EU Delegation Office in Mozambique in order to provide independent verification of the project’s progress, and it has also been used in the CORD UK office to reassess the organisation’s country strategy for the coming five year period.