How can I get involved?

theNRgroup welcomes new applications for membership.

If you are interested and think you could qualify for membership, please read the details below for what we seek from members, and how you can apply. Then please send your request to enq2 @ attaching a current CV and a statement about what you think you can bring to the group.  It would be advantageous to look at the current list of members and identify a person closely associated with your field who would be a suitable proposer.

theNRgroup is a self-help group consisting of collaborative and co-operating professionals in development and environment/natural resources, linked electronically. They work as independent individuals, but assist each other by sharing job and professional information, professional expertise, as well as moral support.

Members have passed through a recruitment procedure before joining the group to ensure, as far as possible, that they fit with the Group philosophy. The Group accepts no legal responsibility for the advice, actions, deeds, behaviour, unauthorised expenditure etc. of the member in the course of his/her profession.
Membership is open to independent consultants (sole traders, partnerships, or small companies) who seek short term or medium term work (i.e. not in full time employment, but possibly in 1-2 year assignment overseas).

Members must provide (at minimum) a photo and a short profile of skills for inclusion on theNRgroup website. Members will be expected to take on roles and responsibilities within the group, from time to time, and to provide information for publicity and marketing material.
There is a mandatory small annual subscription to cover the running costs of the group.

Each prospective new member (candidate) requires a proposer and seconder from amongst the existing members. Where the candidate is only known to one member of theNRgroup, the seconder will carry out a phone interview to assess the candidate’s suitability. The seconder should be someone with similar experience to the candidate. Membership will be decided by peer vetting at the next quarterly meeting.

Prospective candidates must provide:

  1. A full current CV,
  2. A statement of what they believe they will bring to the Group,
  3. A proposer and seconder from within the current membership,
  4. A headshot photograph of themselves.

Criteria for acceptance to membership will include:

  1. Skills: Are the skills relevant and needed within the Group?
  2. Capacity: Do the skills enhance the capacity of theNRgroup or merely provide competition to existing members? Is the candidate already active on the consultancy circuit and thus is likely to have contacts, leads and opportunities to share with Group members?
  3. Cooperativeness: theNRgroup is a self-help organisation; the candidate is thus expected to share business possibilities, to contribute to activities, and generally to be cooperative and responsive.
  4. Mutual credibility: Are existing members satisfied that the proposed candidate will carry out consultancies in a professional manner that will bring credit to theNRgroup? Would you be happy to pass business consultancies on to the candidate?

On approval of membership, there will be a probation period of one year in which the new member is expected to:

  1. Attend at least one meeting of theNRgroup in person or via Skype
  2. Present a short overview of their work and current interests to the group at a meeting
  3. Show contribution to the discussion forums for business opportunities and other matters.

If a member subsequently enters full employment for a firm or for a long term contract, or is not actively seeking work, s/he can temporarily become a friend of the group, is not obliged to pay subscription, and if wanting to return as a full member, can do so automatically on a single request to the group.