Living within our Fair Share: Ecological Footprint Analysis

Client:  Best Foot Forward

Associate:  Colin Tingle

Time:  2010?

Ecological footprint analysis (EFA) is an accounting tool aimed at measuring the sustainability of the activities of individuals, organisations, companies and/or cities, geographic regions or countries. It does this by expressing resource consumption in terms of the bioproductive land and sea areas needed to supply those resources and deal with the wastes resulting from the resource consumption.

In terms of sustainable development, ecofootprinting can provide a valuable indicator of ecological sustainability – one which is being increasingly used by national, regional and local governments. Carbon accounting is at the core of EFA and thus carbon footprints are calculated whenever an EFA is done.

NRgroup member, Dr. Colin Tingle is an Associate to Best Foot Forward: a leading consultancy in researching and implementing EFA. For more information or to get a quote for Ecofootprinting or carbon footprinting your organisation or company, contact Colin at Colin.Tingle @