Programme/Project Monitoring and Evaluation

 Development aid is subject to rigorous systems of monitoring and evaluation of project effectiveness.  Regular monitoring of projects ensure that aid money is spent carefully, project terms of reference are followed and any project activities, outputs and outcomes contribute to the overall programme of aid from individual donors.  Evaluation of projects effectiveness at the end of their lifespan help donors and those working in development to learn lessons about how effective interventions have been, informing future programmes for strategic planning and to ensure those involved in the project, including those directly benefiting from its implementation, to give feedback.

theNRgroup contributes to this important part of the development programme through:

  • Inception Reviews
  • Impact assessment (e.g. social and environmental impact assessments)
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches
  • Research Outputs monitoring
  • Advice and advocacy for policy frameworkds
  • Team leadership skills and experience involving the reporting  of M&E components.