Our Values

Vision and Values for the NRGroup

Our vision is to contribute to the development and adoption of policy and practices which lead to the reduction of poverty and the achievement of sustainable livelihoods, increase in food security and resilience of communities in developing countries.

We do this by assuring rigour and relevance in research, practical and realisable policy guidelines, smart organisational management practices and by back-stopping technical innovation. Inspired and positive change is supported through effective monitoring and evaluation, within and cross-institutional communication and information dissemination.

We work with donors and implementing partners in the public and private sectors, in both developing and developed countries.

Value Expression of this value:
INDEPENDENCE Members are independent consultants, with no single organisational affiliation.
HIGH QUALITY Best practice, innovative approaches and extensive previous experience are used to add value and identify practices and advice suited to specific situations.
FAIRNESS, DIVERSITY & EQUALITY Members work in support of the millennium development goals;

  • To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  • To ensure environmental sustainability
  • To promote gender equity and empowerment of women
  • To combat HIV/ AIDS/ Malaria and other diseases
  • To achieve universal primary education
PARTNERSHIP AND COORDINATION We recognize that strong partnership and effective coordination among diverse actors, including government, non-government organisations and the private sector are crucial to the efficiency and innovation.
We respect and support national ownership and help develop national capacity, within government, civil society and at community level.
SUSTAINABILITY Resources are used in a sustainable way that is consistent with Rio+20 outcome, considering the three key areas of economic, social and environmental sustainability and their inter-linkages. Long-term sustainability issues are addressed in relation to climate change and resilience in the face of change and cumulative impacts.

“Values –driven organisations are the most successful organisations on the planet.” (Barrett, 2010).

“When the values of an organisation are in alignment with the aspirational values of members, the result is high performance.” (Barrett, 2010)

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