Participatory Forest Management, Kenya

Client: Commonwealth Secretariat on behalf of the Government of Kenya

Chief Technical Adviser : Hugh Gibbon (NRgroup)

Time:  2001-2002

The Government of Kenya requested the services of an external consultant to assist the Forest Department design appropriate arrangements for participatory and collaborative forest management approaches within the country. KENYA1

The government has been finding it difficult to manage and conserve the remaining natural forest areas within the country (both montane and dryland forest types). In this regard, new emphasis is being placed on developing a collaborative style of management which will aim to engage private, non government and community registered groups and individuals to assist in the conservation and management of these resources.

To date the first phase of work has been focused on identifying key gaps and constraints in existing forest management systems while taking note of the many small scale initiatives which are already on-going and which in recent years have aimed to involved forest adjacent communities more directly in forest management and sustainable resource use. KENYA2Pilot approaches being undertaken in the Arabuko Sokoke, Kakamega, Mt Kenya and Loita Hills forests have been visited and assessed by the consultant in order to derive lessons for wider application in other forest areas around the country.