Governance and Institutional Development

GovernanceNatural resources and their use are inextricably linked to society and the interplay between how societies organise themselves;  from communities through government agencies and political bodies, private enterprise and commercial interests; are primary to equitable, sustainable and optimal access to those resources.

Good governance and institutional development of these societal elements are fundamental to achieve these results.  This can be in terms of legal instruments, policy advise, protocol and procedural matters, organisation structures and responsibilities, through broader education of the holistic interplay of the globe’s resources.

theNRgroup takes a series of approaches to assist the establishment of  societal structures including:

      • Advising on policy and law
      • Development of pro-poor policies across development themes
      • Institutional Development
      • Mechanisms for development of sustainable
      • Enforcement of Legislation including measurable monitoring of such
      • Mainstreaming of the environment in Poverty Reduction Strategies
      • Donor programme advice for environment and natural resource management
      • Insurance and compensation schemes
      • Standards establishment, adoption and training
      • Property Rights and Land Tenure