Research Programme Design and Management

Development consultancy needs a wide range of skills to ensure that the outputs and outcomes from research, technological innovation, training or advice is effectively adopted.  Not only do theNRgroup members need to have technical breadth and depth of knowledge in their own expertise, but also  a range of skills in working in multidisciplinary teams, often taking leadership roles.  They can be involved with technical reporting, publicity and media, collating monitoring and evaluation metrics, and liaison with clients, stakeholders and wider civil society.  The group are widely experienced in running projects through the whole project cycle.

Several NRgroup members also have significant experience in designing research programmes, establishing logical frameworks and setting goals and aspirations for development research.  Some have experience of running large research programmes for donors such as DFID and the EU, or for international agencies such as FAO.

Others have more technical experience of establishing rigorous scientific experiments, field campaigns and laboratory routines.