Ian Corker

IC-photoIan Corker has over 30 years experience working a wide range of land related issues, including both rural and urban sectors. He is a chartered surveyor and chartered arbitrator with sound practical experience in land management and administration, land use planning, dispute resolution, project management, design and evaluation, mainly in developing counties of Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and along route he picked up Arabic and Kiswahili. He was Registrar of Lands in Anguilla, Team Leader for the first land registration exercise in Palestine since the 1930’s and Team Leader on a project to automate Egypt’s cadastral records and processors. His current areas of interest include the use of modelling systems to understand land administration systems and the use of low cost, appropriate, GIS and land information management systems as viable alternatives to expensive commercial systems. Despite working in what are often very specialist areas, Ian is a generalist, with perhaps his greatest skill being the application of common sense to technical problems, thus providing an interface between the users and developers of systems.

Emailian.corker @ thenrgroup.net 

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Country Experience:  Anguilla, Barbados, Egypt, Guyana, Israel, Jordan, Montserrat, Nevis, Palestine, Philippines, Somaliland, St Vincent, Tanzania, UK, Ukraine, Vietnam, Zambia