Anyone interested to work in Biodiversity Sector: Ethiopia?

Dear Colleagues,

If anyone from the NRG or associates might think a potential opportunity to work for 9-10 months in Ethiopia during 2022 might be ‘up your street’ please can you send me a message and we can discuss further through email correspondence.

Best wishes


Geoff Norman

Geoff Norman is team leader of the Market Development Programme for Northern Ghana (MADE), funded by the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID) and managed by Nathan Associates UK. MADE acts as a “market systems facilitator” to support and incentivise private sector actors to improve the functioning of value chains. The programme was launched in 2014 and for the first four years helped build the capacity of small rural enterprises to deliver affordable agricultural inputs and services to small-holder farmers. In December 2017, MADE was granted a two-year, no-cost extension to deepen and widen the impacts of its market systems approach and to mainstream those impacts.

CV 2020

Link to current project: MADE in Ghana

Rachel Norman

Rachel has over 20 years of professional experience with an appreciation of development priorities, procurement and contractual procedures, performance frameworks and associated quality assurance mechanisms of numerous international donors. Rachel is a monitoring and evaluation specialist, having a PhD from Cranfield University, with her Thesis of ‘Monitoring Global Water and Sanitation’. She is a competent project manager; familiar with “best practice” monitoring procedures for the start-up, implementation and close-down of contracted services.  Rachel has conducted various assignments across a range of sectors and countries (see CV for details), is a native English speaker and has developed strong communication skills during the last 20 years of educational and professional experience. Writing skills have been adapted to academic writing, corporate performance reporting and contract management responses.


CV: R-Norman full CV

Country experience:

Stéphane Flasse

Initially trained in agronomy and remote sensing, I acquired over 30 years experience in the interpretation and use of environmental information (inc. remote sensing and GIS) and its integration into the local context for improving decision-making.

Since 2009, I have also been training in a number of complementary approaches such as Organisational Counselling, Organisation Alignment and Life Alignment, therefore focusing on the “well being” of teams and their work.

Today I thrive and focus on facilitating the life journey of people, teams and organisations: from facilitating challenging meetings and round tables, to deep work on the whole organisation, as well as activities such as team building, coaching and conflict resolution (mediation).

Emailstephane.flasse @


Country Experience:  Europe, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Guyana, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mali, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Republic of Guinea, Somalia, South Africa, Thailand

Sujit Patel

Sujit Patel - analytical chemist / instrumentation scientist/engineer

Sujit has a rare combination skill set of being an analytical chemist and also is an instrumentation scientist/engineer. He has over 25 years experience in the field of analytical chromatography.

Such instrumentation is used to analyse pesticides, industrial toxicology, pharmaceutical formulations, testing of animal feeds along with a multitude of other applications. He has also formulated and developed medical products for the pharmaceutical industry.

He has worked alongside Agilent Technologies and has been a consultant for over 18 years. He aids laboratories with lab design, installation of equipment, validation of laboratory instrumentation including service and repairs.

He has excellent working knowledge of cGLP, cGMP and ISO requirements coupled with excellent IT knowledge of HBIB, LAN interfaces.

Sujit has worked  with EU, UNIDO, Trade Mark, PTB and GIZ on various projects and has been a panel consultant for tenders of laboratory equipment.

He offers laboratory support and training courses on various aspects of laboratory functions. Some of the countries he has aided include Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bhutan, Burundi, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Guyana, Kenya, Moldova, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Emailsujit.patel @

CV: Sujit Patel_CV_EC:

Country Experience: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bhutan, Burundi, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Guyana, Kenya, Moldova, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Availability: Immediately

Ian Corker

IC-photoIan Corker has over 30 years experience working a wide range of land related issues, including both rural and urban sectors. He is a chartered surveyor and chartered arbitrator with sound practical experience in land management and administration, land use planning, dispute resolution, project management, design and evaluation, mainly in developing counties of Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and along route he picked up Arabic and Kiswahili. He was Registrar of Lands in Anguilla, Team Leader for the first land registration exercise in Palestine since the 1930’s and Team Leader on a project to automate Egypt’s cadastral records and processors. His current areas of interest include the use of modelling systems to understand land administration systems and the use of low cost, appropriate, GIS and land information management systems as viable alternatives to expensive commercial systems. Despite working in what are often very specialist areas, Ian is a generalist, with perhaps his greatest skill being the application of common sense to technical problems, thus providing an interface between the users and developers of systems.

Emailian.corker @ 

CVCorker CV

Country Experience:  Anguilla, Barbados, Egypt, Guyana, Israel, Jordan, Montserrat, Nevis, Palestine, Philippines, Somaliland, St Vincent, Tanzania, UK, Ukraine, Vietnam, Zambia

Bryony Everett

Bryony EverettBryony has over 15 years experience in international development, managing small and large-scale research, consulting and multidisciplinary projects across South Asia and East Africa both for donor agencies and multinational companies. She has a particular knowledge of rural livelihoods and agricultural research for development. More recently Bryony has undertaken research into innovation prizes and their potential in the developing world and is currently working with donors, prize agencies, development practitioners and corporate agencies to facilitate the development and promotion of prize concepts and ideas for low carbon development and energy access.

Roger Bancroft

Roger Bancroft - Plant Pathologist

Roger Bancroft is a plant pathologist and has worked with plant diseases and physiological disorders for 30 years. His specialism is the post-harvest management of fresh horticultural produce (fruits, flowers, vegetables, spices, bulbs and root crops etc.) and agricultural crops (such as grains, cereals and oilseeds etc.) and the identification and amelioration of rots, moulds and quality defects that arise during their trading and marketing. He is often commissioned to: investigate the defective ripening of fruits or the cause of deterioration, spoilage and mycotoxin production in storage facilities, containers, reefer and ships’ cargoes etc.; undertake studies to determine weaknesses in supply chains; appraise post-harvest handling practices; quantify biological and economic losses, and prepare forensic expert witness reports and testimony. With over 20 years experience of teaching storage biology, pathology, physiology and post-harvest technology to a wide range of clients from producers, traders, extension staff, importers/exporters to university and PhD students, he is well placed to design and deliver bespoke training courses and prepare dissemination materials. Roger has been engaged in technology transfer, and research and development projects in the UK, the Caribbean and Africa. Most initiatives have involved the study and application of technical interventions and the modification of handling practices to reduce post-harvest losses. He has experience in all aspects of project realisation from conception and design to day-to-day management, reporting and evaluation. Inherent in all such projects has been capacity building of individuals, teams and resource groups.

Email:  roger.bancroft @

CV:  Roger Bancroft CV

Country Experience:  Algeria, Antigua, Barbados, Colombia, Côte d’Ivoire, Dominica, Egypt, Ghana, Gibraltar, Grenada, Guyana, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Spain, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom.