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UPDATED May 2013

Gilli and I continue to live in Oxford, U.K. 

Gilli continues to work part time as assistant manager in the Fairtrade shop in St. Michaels, Oxford. She really enjoys this, and we are all becoming much more aware of the need for fairly-traded goods.

Adrian (36 yrs) lives in Oxford, and has added plumbing skills to motor mechanics. He has formed his own company Robbins Property Maintenance (RPM) He has a steady Croatian girl friend, Jelena.

Anna (33 yrs)  finished  her Ph.D. in neuroscience at Cambridge. She was married in January 2006 to Daniel - a graphic designer, singer and lead pastor at a church where they live in Cambridge. They now have one son, Finley

Esther (30) graduated from Southampton University in social anthropology and has taken a Post Graduate Course in Education - to work with small children. She married Dave, and they now have one daughter, Madeleine, and live in Isleworth.

Nicholas (25)  finished his apprenticeship as a chef at Mansfield College in Oxford, and has done various catering jobs in Oxford.. He now has moved to Gothenberg in Sweden, and plans to marry Josephine (from Sweden) in 2014.


The family coat-of-arms at the top of this page is our own creation, just for fun! Proper heraldry rules have not been followed. The central cross and fish symbol represent our Christian faith at the centre of our lives. Gilli and I are both Pisces. The leaf symbol (forming half the fish), the pine cone and needles represent my profession and seed specialisation in forestry. The central white cross on a red square and four gilliflowers represent Gilli's Swiss origins and our four children.