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bullet2 A005 Agroforestry Extension Manuals. A Survey of their use in Kenya.

Stachys N Muturi 1999. Technical Report No. 21 The Regional Land Management Unit, RELMA/Sida. ISBN 9966-896-41-1. 60pp. Paperback, English (EXT019)

This is a useful survey and critique, with some illustrations. Twelve manuals have been evaluated, some of which are described separately in this site (see Axxx The content summary at the bottom of this page also gives an outline of the contents of each manual:

Soil and Water Conservation in ASAL Field Manual - Agroforestry
Socio-Economic Techniques for Farm Forestry Extension
A Guide to Farm Forestry in Kenya
Agroforestry in Kenya - A Field Guide
A Dryland Forestry Handbook for Kenya
A Selection of Useful Trees and Shrubs for Kenya
Agroforestry Extension Manual For Kenya
Guidelines on Agroforestry Extension Planning in Kenya (A097)
Fodder Trees for Smallholders
On Farm Tree Nurseries
Agroforestry in Dryland Africa
Agroforestry Extension Training Source Book (A099)


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1 Introduction
Historical Note on Agroforestry Extension in Kenya
 Training in Agroforestry
 Development of Manuals and other Materials
 Objectives of the Evaluation
 Contents of the Report.

2 The Evaluation Survey
Survey Methodology
 Choice of Districts
 Choice of Institutions
 Choice of Respondents
 Profiles of Respondents
.Administration of Questionnaires
 Sample Sizes
 Assumptions Made
 Analysis of Data
 Sources of Error

3 Users of Agroforestry Manuals
Profiles of Respondents
 Institutions and Professions Involved in Agroforestry
 Issues Pertaining to Institutions
 Professional Bias
 Gender Issues
 Experience in AF Among staff
 The Future of Extension Service in Agroforestry
Agroforestry Extension Manuals: A Survey of Their Use in Kenya

4 Distribution and Utilization of Manuals
 Distribution and Utilization of Manuals
 Regional Comparisons.;
 Distribution and Utilization of Individual Manuals
 Relative Dominance of Manuals
 Posters and Pamphlets
 Issues Distribution and Utilization

5 Evaluation and Application of Manuals
Levels of Evaluation
 Layout and Format - Evaluation by SMSs
 Layout and Format - Evaluation by FEWs
 Evaluation of the Technical Content
 Application of Manuals
 Cost Sharing with Beneficiaries
 Cost Sharing with Beneficiaries
 Issues and Recommendations

6 Farmer Related Issues
 Sources of Information for Farmers
 Farmer's Comprehension of Extension Material
 Adoption of AF Technologies
 Level of Adoption
 Issues and Recommendations

7 Extension Related Issues
Policy on Agroforestry
 Availability of Resources.,
 Access to Information
 Training Opportunities
 Relevance of Information
 Areas for Further Training

8 The Crucial Issues
Purpose of the Study
 The Future of Extension Service
 Target Groups for Publications
 Regional Manuals
 Priority Regions for Development of Manuals
 Who will Develop Regional Manuals?
 Priority Subject Matters
 Formats and Layout
 Improving the Distribution System
 Check list of Important Issues

Appendix I –See below

Appendix II - Definitions and Scope of Agroforestry
Definitions in Manuals.;
 ICRAF Definitions

Appendix I - Contents of Manuals Evaluated

Soil and Water Conservation in ASAL Field Manual - Agroforestry
Author: Soil and Water Conservation Branch, Ministry of Agriculture, Kenya. 1992. 61 pages
What is Agroforestry
 Agroforestry Potential and Problems in ASAL
 Trees for Farming Communities in ASAL
 Trees for Pastoral Communities in ASAL
 Establishment of Trees in ASAL
 Management of Trees
 35 References

Socio-Economic Techniques for Farm Forestry Extension
Author: L Emerton, E Kanyanya, K Kareko, A Maina, J Ngige and B Wangwe. Forestry. Extension Services Division, Forest Department, Kenya, 1996. 58 pages
Socio-Economic Issues in Farm Forestry
 The Farm Forestry Process
 Socio-Economic Procedures for Farm Forestry Extension
 Planning to Collect Socio-Economic Information
 Tools for Gathering Socio-Economic Information
 Tools for Measuring and Valuing Tree Benefits

A Guide to Farm Forestry in Kenya
Author: A H Chavangi and Rimmermann, Rural Afforestation Extension Services, Forest Department, Kenya, 1987. 93 pages
Farm Forestry Tools and Materials Other Than Seed
 Tree Seed
 The Farm Nursery
 Planting Out and Tree Management and Care
 Trees and Shrubs on Farms and Other Rural Lands
 The Special Problems of Dry Regions
 32 References

Agroforestry in Kenya - A Field Guide
Author: Amare Getahun and Kedir Reshid, Rural Afforestation Extension Service, Forest Department, Kenya, 1989. 48 pages
Introduction to Agroforestry as a Land Use System
 General Information About Agroforestry
 Establishment and Basic Management Techniques
 Agroforestry Intercropping Systems
 Some Recommended Agroforestry Species
 Management and Basic Information for Selected Agroforestry Species in Kenya
 61 References

A Dryland Forestry Handbook for Kenya
Author: Kenya Forestry Research Institute, undated. 120 pages
Forestry Research Projects in the ASALs
 Management of Natural Woody Vegetation
 Selection of Tree and Shrub Species for the Dry Zones
 Collection and Handling of Tree Seed
 Nursery Techniques
 Tree Establishment and Protection
 Agroforestry Systems
 Tree Planting Under Irrigation
 Diseases and Insect Pests of Trees
 Marketing and Utilization of Tree Products
 Forestry Extension in Dry areas
 Future Perspective for Forestry Development in ASALs
 55 References

A Selection of Useful Trees and Shrubs for Kenya
Author: ICRAF, 1992. 225 pages
Vernacular Names of Trees and Shrubs (32 Languages)
 Useful Trees and Shrubs: Primary List (203 Species). The attributes of each species described on one page. Information provided include: Botanical and local names; Ecology; Uses; Botanical description of the species; Seeding characteristics, preservation, storage and treatment; Tree management; and
remarks on growth characteristics . Useful Trees and Shrubs: Secondary List. Botanical Names, Local Names and Uses
 Summary Table of Trees and Shrubs and Their Uses
 25 References

Agroforestry Extension Manual For Kenya
Author: Bo Tengnas: ICRAF, 1994. 177 pages
The Concept of Agroforestry
 The Historical Setting
 Farming Systems in Kenya and Their Agroforestry Potential
 The Role of Trees in Land Use
 Interaction Between Trees and Crops
 The Crop Component
 The Tree Component
 Some Agroforestry Practices in Kenya
 Tree Propagation Methods
 Some Socio-Economic Issues in Agroforestry
 Monitoring and Evaluation
 Agroforestry Research in Kenya: An Overview
 97 References

Guidelines on Agroforestry Extension Planning in Kenya
Author: Bo Tengnas, RSCU Technical Handbook No. 3. 1993. 69 pages
Participatory Rural Appraisal and Planning for Agroforestry
 Steps in Participatory Rural Appraisal and Planning
Step 1: Preparation
Step 2: Combining Local Knowledge and Expert Knowledge
Step 3: Analysis
Step 4: Planning
Step 5: Towards Implementation
Step 6: Monitoring and Evaluation
 18 References

Fodder Trees for Smallholders
Author: M Nicholson, MitiMingi Mashambani, 1992. 51 pages
Fodder Trees and Multipurpose Trees
 The Right Environment for Your Trees
 Where to Plant Them
 Establishment of Fodder Trees
 Fodder Tree management
 Growth Rate and Yield
 What Do You Do With Seeds and Pods
 Diseases, Pests and Protection
 Specific Information About Leucaena, Sesbania and Calliandra
 Alternative and Complementary Tree Species
 Importance of Protein and Carbohydrates in Animal Production
 Livestock Digestion
 Protein Requirements for Livestock
 Feeding Fodder Tree as a Supplementary Feed Source
 Fodder Tree Protein: The Economic Rationale
 40 References

On Farm Tree Nurseries
P M Mung'ala, J Kuyper and S Kimwe, Kenya Woodfuel Development Programme, 1988 64 pages
Standard Methods of Seedling Production
 Traditional Methods of Seedling Production
 Improved On-Farm Nurseries
 Seed Collection, Storage and Treatment
 Setting Up the Nursery
 Nursery Management
 Planting Out the Seedlings
 Other Methods of Tree Regeneration
 31 References

Agroforestry in Dryland Africa
Author: D Rocheleau, F Weber and A Field-Juma, ICRAF, 1988. 311 pages
Agroforestry as a Popular Science
 Introduction to Agroforestry
 Participatory Planning Process
 Evaluating the Project
 Agroforestry in Cropland
 Agroforestry with Structural Conservation Measures
 Agroforestry for In-Between Places
 Agroforestry in Pastures and Rangelands
 Tools for Agroforestry Research and Extension
 Uses, Practices and Conditions for Multipurpose Trees and Shrubs
 Multipurpose Trees and Shrub Species List
 Guidelines and Key Questions for Interviews
 Summarizing Information for Planning Agroforestry Research and Extension
 141 References

Agroforestry Extension Training Source Book
Author: CARE
Module 1: Beginning Agroforestry Extension Training
 Module 2: Introduction to Agroforestry
 Module 3: Project Approach to Agroforestry Training
 Module 4: Agroforestry Extension Communication
 Module 5: Land Use Diagnosis for Agroforestry
 Module 6: Agroforestry Design
 Module 7: Planning, Monitoring and Evaluating Agroforestry Extension Activities
 Module 8: Seed Supply
 Module 9: Nursery Management
 Module 10: Tree Planting, Protection and Management